Spiritual Director

Kerry Wilson

Spiritual Director

Kerry Wilson, an experienced Spiritual Director in Guelph since 1997, sees herself as a “spiritual midwife” who helps to hear others’ spiritual journeys into being. Listening deeply, with one ear on God and the other on her directee, she holds safe space for going deep. Kerry offers one-on-one spiritual direction, supervision of other directors, workshops and retreats for adults, youth and children and has been a guide in the Ecumenical Week of Guided Prayer since 1996. She is also a guest director/retreat facilitator/workshop leader at Loyola House Retreat Centre, Guelph.

Kerry has a passion for youth spirituality and has been a youth leader and Covenanted Spiritual Companion with Harcourt, then Dublin St. United Churches 2006 – 2019. She has also volunteered with the Ecumenical Campus Ministry at the University of Guelph teaching spiritual practices and leading a spirituality group, and is co-author of Encounters – a series of digital spiritual exercises for youth.

As a daughter, mother and wife, Kerry is a passionate, ongoing student of the school of life, having taken life’s hardships and woven spiritual threads through them. She has training in the concepts of Applied Mindfulness, Embodied Spirituality, Spiritual Body Work & Movement Prayer, IFS, Youth Spirituality, Grief Work, The Work that Reconnects, Feminist Spirituality, Labyrinth Leadership, the Enneagram, Dream Work, “Praying in the Messiness of Life”, “Media Devina”, Creativity & Spiritual Direction, and has homeschooled her children with a spiritual focus for 12 years. Kerry is part of Guelph’s Eccumenical Christian community, is a member in good standing of Spiritual Directors International, abiding by their ethical standards, and has attended many SDI courses, workshops and conferences. Spiritual Direction & Supervision are available by appointment only on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Services Offered

Both remote and in person




Ongoing Spiritual Direction – one on one, in person or remote


Directing the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises (Annotation 19) – a retreat in daily life.  Journeying through these exercises with directees has been a major focus for Kerry.


Ongoing Supervision for Spiritual Directors – one on one, in person or remote


Leading Spirituality Groups & Retreats – for youth, young adults, & adults in every stage of spiritual growth


Ecumenical Week of Guided Prayer – individual guiding, training workshops for guides, leading rituals




Workshops & Retreats

Both remote and in person




Light in the Darkness – A 2021 Advent Retreat 


Many are experiencing grief, numbness, and paralysis in response to both the ongoing pandemic, the climate crisis and the general state of the world. We often feel stuck and don’t know what to do.  How can our Christian faith inform and transform this experience, helping us to tune into how God is calling us to bring the best of ourselves to our current world situation?  


This retreat will focus on opening to God’s light, healing and inspiration in this dark time, and will help directees discern how they are personally being called to respond in their own lives. Rooted in deep ecology and the Work That Reconnects, it is based on the four Advent themes: Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. Each themed unit begins with “Breathing In” (focus on the inner life), then “Breathing Out” (focus on discerning how we move from the inner life into the world). Units will include a scripture reading, a contemporary reading, a suggested spiritual practice, music, and creative response opportunities with a focus on discernment. Participants are not expected to complete all the material, but instead to choose what speaks to them and use it as a springboard into prayer. Participants will meet with their director daily as they reflect on incarnation during this season. Through these embodied contemplative opportunities, directees can go deeper into their own experience of Emmanuel – God with us, and discern how they are personally being invited to respond. 


“…the actual task is to integrate the two threads of one’s life

…the within and the without.”   – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


Three Retreat Options: (at home in either silence or daily life)

8 Day Retreat (Nov. 26 – Dec. 6 consecutive) – two days per unit, meeting with your director each day

4 Day Intensive Retreat (book 4 consecutive days that suit your schedule) – one day per unit, meeting with your director each day

Retreat in Daily Life – spread the retreat over the month of Advent, one unit per week, meeting with your director once a week. Book times that suit your schedule.

Materials will be emailed to you each day, and spiritual direction is available either in person or remotely (by appointment only).


Cost is by free-will donation and should be based on the number of times you meet your director.  Pay what you can – cost should not prevent anyone from participating (recommended rate $50 per meeting).  Payment can be made by e Transfer or through PayPal.


To register, email Kerry Wilson at kerrylynwilson@kerryartist.com and specify which option you are interested in before Nov. 21.  Dates and cost will then be agreed upon.


Amazing Friendships Workshops or Retreats – based on Amazing Friendships Between Animals and Saints, these are designed for children, families, classes, youth groups, or adult spirituality groups.  These retreats are individualized to meet the specific needs of your group and focus on art, spiritual practices and the book.


Creativity and Spiritual Direction – a full day or weekend training workshop for spiritual directors on how to incorporate creativity (poetry, music, art, movement, etc.) into spiritual practice and spiritual direction.


Spiritual Parenting – a one day or weekend retreat, either remote or in person


Labyrinth in a Day/Weekend – construct a portable labyrinth as a group. 


Prayer 101 Workshop – Explore many different ways to pray, appropriate for all ages.




My Training




Ongoing Supervision has been my most important form of training as I regularly examine case studies with my supervisor on my vocational journey as a Spiritual Director. I am currently supervised by Roger Yaworski (of Loyola House, Guelph), and in previous years by Marilyn Gillespie, Jack Milan, & Lorraine Dykeman. 


Formation:  I Have Completed the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises in 3 different forms:

– Ann. 19 directed by Lorraine Dykman

– Twenty-four Spiritual Exercises for the New Story of Universal Communion directed by Lois & Kuruvila Zachariah (English & Zachariah)

– The New Spiritual Exercises (Savory)


Spiritual Direction Training

2021 graduate studies at Tyndale University, Toronto

2016 Spiritual Directors’ Workshop, Loyola House, Guelph

2006 Approaches to Spiritual Direction and Discernment, Loyola House, Guelph

1996 Course on Spiritual Direction (John Veltri, Tarcia Gerwing & Jean Mitchell), Loyola House, Guelph


Supervision Training

2019 Supervision Practicum Retreat through the Ontario Jubilee (Miriam Frey, Maureen McDonnell, Jan Evans)

2015 Supervision Workshop with Janet Ruffing, Loyola House, Guelph



– Illustrator of Amazing Friendships Between Animals and Saints by Greg Kennedy

– author of spiritual practices for children and lesson plans (online resources) that accompany Amazing Friendships Between Animals and Saints


Earth Day Liturgy author (with Greg Kennedy) – 2018 at Dublin Street United Church & 2019 at Guelph Unitarian Congregation


co-author of Encounters – a series of digital spiritual exercises for teens


2013 directed the Les Miserables project – a 6 month musical theatre production involving 80 teens in spiritual practices & consciousness raising about social justice issues in addition to doing the show