• I approach art as a playful, spiritual practice and embrace letting go so a drawing grows organically, taking on a life of its own. I also enjoy quilting and the never ending river of fabrics and colours that flow through my life. I knit, spin, paint, organic garden, write poetry and direct musical theatre – all as a form of creative expression.


Amazing Friendships Between Animals and Saints

Winner of an Honorable Mention in the Best Books for Youth category, 2021 CMA Book Awards (Catholic Media Association), Amazing Friendships Between Animals and Saints tells a story of wonderful relationships between animals and saints. Beautifully illustrated, each story teaches us that we are united with holy creatures who walked and flew the Earth long before humans did. 


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Amazing Friendships between Animals and Saints



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Services Offered

Amazing Friendships Workshops or Retreats – based on Amazing Friendships Between Animals and Saints, these are designed for children, families, classes, youth groups, or adult groups.  These retreats are designed to meet the specific needs of your group and focus on art, spiritual practices and the book.


Blended Pencil Crayon Workshops – for all ages, learn to draw with blended pencil crayons, tailored to the level of your group 


Labyrinth in a Day/Weekend – construct a portable labyrinth as a group.



My Training




B.A. in Fine Art & Music (with distinction) from the University of Guelph


B.Ed. (teachables Fine Art and Music) from Brock University